Picture Framing

A picture frame is primarily designed to preserve its contents from the elements.

When you see those old items with brown spots, staining and fading it’s usually due to the original framer using inferior materials. This was not necessarily the fault of the original framer, he/she would have done the best they could with what was available at the time.

In the last thirty years major advances have been made in the way we frame things and almost anything can be framed to the standard you choose.

From simple though important family photographs to sporting , Military and quirky memorabilia, as well as works of art worth many thousands of dollars. With rare exceptions everything framed by Phil the Framer  uses the appropriate components and can be fully restored to its original pre-framed state if required.

There is no substitute for guaranteed workmanship and each job we do is dated upon completion, enabling you to determine any rate of deterioration  in condition over time.

Murphy’s law is a regrettable fact of life and we offer a comprehensive repair service which can include maintenance of valuable works, re-glazing, and remounting as required. We recommend that valuable items be inspected  every five to seven years to ensure any deterioration is captured early.

Most work is completed within 10  working days, subject to availability of components.